Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have had this Blog linked to my website link so whenever I posted something here, it would appear on my site BUT this will be changing as of today. since I adore each and everyone of you I ask that you (you know who you are :) follow me to AMITY INK!!! It has undergone several changes as well as some wonderful improvements. So please stop by and sign up. It literally takes less then a minute to do and will be worth it. If you dont want to sign up thats ok to. just swing by and check it out!

Thank you so much

just click the BLOG or READ STUFF button!

see ya there!

Friday, May 28, 2010

TWITTER? What the hell is that?

Since Anthony and I have been buried under book II: Fight for Amity, we haven’t had much time for much of anything else. So when our buddy Cory told us that we needed a Twitter account it seemed like one more thing for us to pile on our work load. However, Cory shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ill do it.”
It was that moment that I realized Corry was sent to us by God himself to make our lives easier.
So please check it out because he seems to be really into that stuff and will do a good job. Plus we talk quite a bit so he will have the scoop on things as they happen.
Thanks Cory!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A change is a come'n!

You might have noticed some of the changes to our site. I know, they’re not big changes but changes none the less! My buddy jay was nice enough (as well as smart enough) to set it up so that we can add some changes ourselves without it taking an act of God.
First thing that is better is the NEWS page. We are now trying to keep that up to date as well as post as many events as we can that we think you may like to attend.

Second, we have added new character to the BLOG posts. I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite additions. It’s the little things isn’t it? So now the new posts have a range of about 13 different characters as opposed to 2. Again, this doesn’t change anything but since I am a man that works off of visuals …this totally makes me happy!

Third, we added new banners to the home page that will “randomly” change per visit…or if you just keep hitting refresh. Yeah, so! Who cares if that’s how I do it? I like to see the different banners! We posted several pictures from Berona’s War II: Fight for Amity. This will give you a nice little look into the next book. Plus we couldn’t really keep the add up that we had before because we are, for the most part, not selling the first edition anymore…sorry guys.

Another small improvement is the MEDIA page. We have the Zombie video as well as the original Promo video. Our plan for this page is to have it so once you click on this page it will give you options for videos as well as wallpapers and maybe some avatars. As far as the PROJECTS page goes, we have something special up our sleeve for this one that we will try to get to as soon as we can!


Friday, May 21, 2010


Our Preview Book is out!!! And though I'm sure there will be those out there who can’t wait to bash on our story (there always are), we are getting a lot of really good reviews! This is a SMILING point for us! We couldn’t be happier about all of the kind words that people have to say.

Also, tomorrow Anthony, Cooper and I will be at Heroes and Dreams (Flowood, MS) for the signing of the book. It is the first time that we will all be in the same time at once, so if you’re in the area from 1-5pm swing on by to pick up your signed copy as well!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Epidermis Is Showing!

Back around the beginning of April, Anthony and I were discussing the anatomy (see April 9th post) of our characters. I wanted to be able to get all the dynamic poses out of the Cropones as I possibly could. I didn’t want to change the appearance of my characters but I did want to better understand them. This seems like a “no-brainer” but it did cause me a bit more trouble then I had intended. I know, I know…if I am the one who designed them, than should I not be the one to best understand them??? Well that would seem to be the obvious answer but as it turned out I had been drawing these guys to the point that I could do it with my eyes closed HOWEVER, I never really understood WHAT I was actually drawing. I was very aware of the exterior design but what lied beneath the Cropone fur was a mystery. So after a couple of days of drawing nothing but the frame of the character….I began to see what it was I needed to see while designing them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

Well the FCB Day has come and gone! I am happy to say that we had a good time and saw a lot of new faces. We got set up early at Heroes and Dreams Comic shop and started sketching immediately.

As expected, we quickly sold almost all of our “Premature Lunch Box” books. By the end of the day we only had a couple of books left. We were able to walk away from the table each with our own book. We are still deciding if we are going to produce anymore of these books.

It’s said that every time you turn a page, baby Jesus cries.

In Ele-Alta, there was stone. In Croponia, there was wood. This is what makes Amity so valuable. It’s where the green meets the grey! It contained wood, bone and stone. Most soldiers who fought in Amity bare this of badge of honor. Amity was the perfect find.
So we were happy to see that quite a few of the “Amity necklaces” found new homes.
So to everyone who showed up and showed some love…thank you! As always we enjoyed it and look forward to next year. Also, our Berona’s War: Preview Guide comes out on the 12th…so we will be at Heroes again the following Saturday to do signings. It will be Anthony, Cooper and I. The book is only around $3, so be sure to pick one up!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Slayers and Shaman

Finally! We finished up two more stories blocking our paths of Book II completion. Anthony’s slayer story: Devotion and my shaman story: Denial. The shaman story (both written by Cooper) took me a bit longer than planned because my game plan kinda fell apart and began to take new directions after I started working on it. We wanted both stories to have somewhat the same feel to them and share a “darker” theme. We originally wanted them to have a Mignola feel, so we made sure to have lots of blacks and plenty of negative space. Anthony wanted to use several smaller panels over a larger image while I wanted more of a promotional poster look to mine.

I think we both ended up where we wanted. Devotion is a four page story consisting of larger drawings covered by smaller panels and Denial is a four page story being told through four different “movie style” posters, each representing the words on that particular page. And as always we each worked on our own rough layouts with our own characters and then passed them off for the other to do his character. Anthony draws all of the Ele-Alta and I all of the Cropones. My story wasn’t so bad for Anthony because I only had one page where our characters interact BUT as for Anthony’s story he had quite a few panels where he needed Cropones added. One of which is a HUGE group of zombie Cropones engaged in battle with a slayer…not something that particularly makes me glow with excitement.

I wanted to share a page from each story for your viewing satisfaction…enjoy.